noodles clown

I had a dream last night that I was designing a logo for a jewish funeral home and the company was called "third reich, the final solution".


Books on tape?


play for the dodgers, play to win

There is another orange growing inside of the one that I just opened. its like shoplifting a second orange from safeway.
This is how I stick it to the man.

^ this is not the man. I mean, he is the man, but hes not the man I am sticking it to.
I wouldn't stick it to him fiscally, is what I mean.


bamboo fun

je voudrais à regarde Nous Sommes Loups ce soir, mais personne vouloir à venir avec moi.




Theres something about the past few days that makes me want to be really high on heavy drugs, all of the time. My life wouldn't be easier, but at least I wouldn't think about it so much.

Note: the blender is malcontent because it just had to mix up a bunch of food that would taste horrible together in a smoothie.

I guess you can call me Pavlov

I'm trying to encourage my big plant to grow by putting the little plant beside it, depriving it of water and light until its on the cusp of dying, then bringing it back to life.

plant psychology?
malcontent blender.