shes got betty rubble eyes

I finally found out why raver kids wear binkies when they go to raves.
shit, clarity like this should be bottled and sold by the gallon!


passion without medication!

if it came right down to it, I'd rather marry a girl who stimulated me intellectually rather than physically.
like, if I could never have sex but always had really in depth discussions about Seurat and Russian Constructivism I would probably be okay.

ps. I'm blogging in my swim trunks right now. SUMMERS HERE.


bearly worth it

I'm blogging from work.
my bosses told me to do something because me sitting up front and gazing out the window makes the business look bad.

this way it looks like I'm atleast looking at porn, or something.


deep stride

If you put a thick layer of acrylic medium on the backside of a photocopy the carbon will bleed through to the page underneath. This is useful for people who are better at drawing on the computer than they are in real life.

Even though I'm going to do a bunch of ink washes overtop I'm totally going to get caught cheating on this assignment like the first time I did it, which is why I'm doing it again. last time I tried to get out of drawing by making stencils and then spraypainting onto canvas.

school is hindering my creative expression/apathy for stupid assignments.


thanks puerto rico

I manifested my destiny, and last night I was affirmed that I'm well on my way. I'm trying to keep myself humble though because it puts off better energy.

should I thank lady universe, or what?

(miss lady universe, 2006)


Tilt'o control

sink is full of dishes again.
wtf is wrong with me?

I had to write a 150 word biography for myself for unlimited magazine last night. I think I tried too hard to make it funny. I'm making a really bad debut into the design world.



Dishes are washed. the universe is balanced once again.

thanks alot for helping, assholes.

oh my god! that clown has no legs!

I think I'll be listening to music when I die.
Its not like I'm one of those guys whos REALLY into music
I just think that I'll be less scared of the whole experience that way.

and if I die in a car accident it has to be with jeanie, and we have to be listening to shine a light.



everyone who reads my blog is responsible for coming over and washing my dishes.

don't be so goddamn lazy.

get off your ass and man up, kitten.


turkey? it'ur key.

MROCK says:
what do you call an iraqi jew?
Yasmin says:
MROCK says:
Yasmin says:
what did the pakistani woman tell her husband when she filed for a divorce?
MROCK says:
paki your bags?
Yasmin says:
Yasmin says:
What's Hitler's least favorite planet?
MROCK says:
Yasmin says:
fuck you!
MROCK says:
Yasmin says:
What language do homosexual Jews speak?
MROCK says:
Yasmin says:
fuck you
Yasmin says:
MROCK says:
MROCK says: