small boats

Q: Do I hate peppers so much that I'll go through a bag of frozen vegetables to make sure there are no slivers left?

A: Totally.



The last 10 posts demonstrated what it would be like if you hung out with me for a day. and all we did was smoke weed.

Now that schools done I could fall in my shower and die. no one would know for weeks.




Lorem ipsum tshirt. what do you think?



There is no poetry yet written that can describe my disappointment.


I sign up for alot of pre-authorized bill payment programs. If the robots that run those servers ever go crazy and go on killing sprees I'm going to be fucked.

I hope that Ryan wins big brother.



"e" for euphoric track list
(in order by mood, not by preference)
(some of them are music files, others are music videos, and the rest don't exist. )

clap your hands, say yeah - tidal wave / vampire weekend - walcott / manitoba - crayons / Volcano, I'm still excited - fisticuffs / islands - abominable snow / the strokes - whatever happened / electrophonvintage - where youre not / caribou - skunks / the essex green - mrs. bean / Volcano, I'm still excited - mostly on an island / radiohead - karma police / M.I.A - 20 dollar / wolf parade - grounds for divorce / Belle & sebastian - get me away from here I'm dying / europe - the final countdown / Beirut - Prenzlauerberg / the blow - parentheses


Asking your fiance for a prenup is like asking a girl if she has aids right before you're about to have sex with her.


Do you ever feel bad about letting your fruit die before you eat it?
Not for the waste though, but for the fruit?


Fate is appearing more and more obviously to me lately. I lost my cellphone last night and I couldn't find it in my car so I was going to drive to a friends house to find it. My car was really dirty and I was reluctant to drive around in it so I went to the carwash. Although before my realization I was ready to renounce the entire thing and go home.

The carwash I always go to is closed, and naturally I'm not the only one whos taking advantage of the sunny day. But the line for the next nearest one will cost me 45 minutes of my time. I buy a bottle of water and some gum and then once I get to the front of the line I realize that I now can't find my wash code. I look all the way through the car and in the process I found my cell phone.

Fate= wanting to wash my car and my favorite car wash is closed (negatives): getting in my car and being forced to dig through it frantically, which means I didn't have to drive to my friends, which is crucial because drinking a one and a half litre of water and then going through a high intensity car wash didn't lend well between themselves.


sometimes I feel like the detective with a closet coke addiction.


when you're holding me, we make a pair of parentheses.

"God invented feeling like this. and thats what its there for.
our minds are made for exploring."

my last two posts both involved weed. I feel like everyones going to judge me because of that. I feel less lame staying home on a friday night to do homework high over sober.



People who can eat condiments as meals totally gross me out.

for a really long time now when I get high I get "the final countdown" by Europe stuck in my mind, and then it seeps into my sober life which means that I am thinking about it ALL OF THE TIME.

april rags on me to blog, so this is what she gets! this is my life right now. I don't blog for that reason.