I'm feeling a little Andy Warhol right now

"Take off your sunglasses, you're in the elevator.

You're squishing your nose up so that you can see under them. Why are you even wearing them?"

I had a vivid dream about a part of town with alot of brush, hills and all brightly colored houses. I have dreams about places I've never been and then find them months later. I'm blogging about it so that I have a record of it to prove I'm not making up that I remember it.


silver goes with everything

When I'm dying I'm sure that I want to be listening to music. I think that it would make me feel alot better about the whole situation.


sheet vs. ghost

I had a stressful day at work and I was craving sensory deprivation, even if it would only last 10 minutes. So I went to a tanning salon. Does that make me a yo boy?

keep this between you and me, internet.

proactivity ftw

Why is there an Italian word for Italy? Why didn't we just all call it Italia in the first place?

People call it Italia. Right?


I will never video blog

MROCK says:
i need to vaccum my couch, but vaccuming is such a buzzkill
jeans says:
i need to actually put my mom's stuff into boxes, but packing is such a buzzkill
MROCK says:
talking about all of the "need to"s is such a buzzkill
jeans says:
jeans says:
we're killing our buzzes
jeans says:
i need to take a nap
jeans says:
that will kill my buzz
MROCK says:
im going to go back into a lamp post. that will kill my buzz
jeans says:
our buzzes are so dead
MROCK says:
like a squashed bee.
jeans says:
a crushed ant
MROCK says:
ants dont buzz?
jeans says:
jeans says:
jeans says:
like an unplugged refrigerator


steeley dad

I am so lazy that I considered buying baby food so that my body wouldn't have to work as hard to digest it.